About The HCKAC

HardCore Kayak Anglers Club

The HardCore Kayak Anglers Club was formed in 2008 and is one of the largest Clubs in West Central Florida. We currently have over a 1400 registered club members and continue to grow stronger everyday.

Also Know As "HCKAC"

Our Goal

Our goal is to become one of the largest kayak fishing clubs in the state of Florida as well as to help promote safe kayaking and to share our knowledge of  kayak fishing along with preserving our great fishery.

Tournaments & Events

  The HardCore Kayak Anglers Club is also home of the

"Series Championship & Tournament Series"

There are six events scheduled each year and each tournament event takes place in a variety of locations in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. The Series Championship & Tournament Series goal is to promote the sport of kayak fishing and conservation through its catch, photo, and release format. Also, 100% of all entry fees collected are always paid back to the participating winning anglers and all sponsor prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the Series Championship.

HCKAC Kayak Tournaments

HCKAC Event #1 March 11, 2017

"Hook SUP" - Mike Julian 

Event #1 Full Results & Stats

HCKAC Event #2 April 8, 2017

"Shark Bait" - Joseph Holler 

Event #2 Full Results & Stats

HCKAC Event #3 May 6, 2017

"redfish" - Jesse Wright

Event #3 Full Results & Stats

HCKAC Event #4 September 9, 2017

HCKAC Event #5 October 7, 2017

HCKAC Event #6 November 4, 2017



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